About us

Cardinal Medical Supply
Value and education. These words define the foundation of the Cardinal Medical Supply pillars. We believe medical supplies are more than just products and want to help you experience what life-enhancing products can do to you & your family. Our customers always come first which is what success looks like to us. We are small company born in Texas.

Through innovation and a strong focus on customer service, we provide our customers with the distinct advantage of unparalleled product selection & competitive prices, and the convenience of speedy home delivery. We really appreciate your support & your business. Most of the time we do have excess inventory for sale,We can provide you a best prices on wholesale supplyAlso some time we have expired products which you can use for training purposes. 

We sell the following specialties: Surgical | Dental | Orthodontic | General Instruments | Gynecology | Orthopedic | Podiatry | Endoscopy | Laparoscopy | Electrosurgical Instruments | Medical supplies.
Some of our most popular items include: Hemostat Forceps, Needle Holders, Speculums, Bandage Operating Scissors, Suture Supplies, Rongeurs, Surgical Blades, Extracting Forceps, various brands of Disposable Items and so much more. Order your instruments today.